What’s in my bag? (Media student)

So, my first week at University is over, I survived it! No, I’m kidding, I was really looking forward to be back at school. I’ve been sitting at home since March and it was so great to be back. Also, I am going to study at another school for 6 months, which also means a new class. So I’ve met a lot of new people and I’m always in for that. I will definitely tell you more about what I’m studying right now but that’s for another post.

5 days in France (+video)

Even though summer is almost over, it’s raining again and I’m almost back in school, I still really wanted to write a blogpost about my summer in France. Or rather, 5 days in France. Originally I was going to Croatia this year, but sadly I wasn’t aloud anymore because of the virus.

My trip to Poland

First of all, welcome back. Everytime I tell myself to go and start blogging more I just don’t do it. I don’t know why, guess it’s because I’m just so short on time. Really, this summer is flying by like crazy. And so did my trip to Poland. Which is what I am going to talk about today.

Life update – May

It’s actually 11pm when I’m writing this, and that on a schoolnight… What’s happening? Well first of all, my sleeping schedule is just fucked up, normally I would be sleeping right now and waking up at 6:30 am in the morning. But things changed, because of the quarantine I can sleep till 9 am everyday. So I’m automatically going to bed later. But that’s like not the point of this blogpost. Today I just wanted to give you guys a little update on me. It’s been a couple of weeks since I uploaded a blogpost, and it’s also been a couple of weeks since I posted anything on Instagram.

I ordered some stuff online…

I’ve always been a shopping addict, if that wasn’t already clear. But now all the stores are closed I needed to fill up my needs with something else. Online shopping. I have to say, I hate online shopping, I just want to see the things in real life, feel them and try them on before I pay for it. And also, I hate paying shipping costs. But now I have admitted to it… I ordered some stuff online, and because most of it is from AliExpress, it hasn’t arrived yet (remember how I told you I was going to quit on Ali? Joke is on me).

My latest school-projects!

Two weeks ago I had two huge deadlines, but I made it! It were two assignments I had been working on for over 8 weeks, and after 5 weeks or so I ended up in quarantine. So I guess we can say I was stressed out about it. But I made it! I handed in two finished projects and I am actually really proud of what I made! I already updated my portfolio so there is a change you’ve already seen it, but I guess not since my website isn’t that popular!

Throwback Thursday #1 – Norway

Today I wanted to try something new! A Throwback Thursday, not a very original title but well, who cares. I liked it! So, a couple of days ago I asked you guys to ask me some questions on Instagram so could do a Q&A here on my blog, but sadly I am not so popular so I got like 3 questions. Sad huh. But one of the questions did inspire me to write this blogpost and start a new series on my blog! Welcome to Throwback Thursday #1!

My beautiful birthday presents

As some of you probably know, I’ve turned 20 in March. On the 16th it was my birthday! But it was kind of a weird birthday because I could not really celebrate it because of the Corona virus. My family did visit me a couple of days before, but my plans to meet up with some friends, go out for dinner with my boyfriend and go out with my schoolfriends were all canceled. So that’s why I never really told you all about my birthday. It was not so special this year. Eventually I went shopping on the 16th together with my boyfriend. The stores were still open, but all the restaurants and cafes weren’t. But I had a great day after all.

My first weeks in quarantine

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last talked to you. More than two weeks in quarantine. How is it going? Is everyone still safe? I am, and so is my family, thank god. Can’t imagine what it would feel like to lose someone because of this stupid, stupid virus. But anyway, even I’m not sick, my life is still upside down. Everyone’s life is at this moment I think. We’re only two or three weeks into this quarantine but it feels like forever, and I can’t wait for things to be normal again.

Staying home & the Corona Virus

Wow, here I am again, another blogpost? Yes, another blogpost. But a small and very quick one! The Corona Virus made his entrance in the Netherlands and that has his consequences. All the schools and restaurants are closed and we have to stay inside for at least 3 weeks. Maybe even longer, I’m scared it will be longer. I’m already so bored.

Upgraded my website & how it all began

Hi there, I’m feeling very happy right now! I finally decided to go for a paid hosting service for my website, feels like a big step for me. If you’re not into all these technical website stuff you’ll probably won’t understand what I’m talking about but that’s okay. It just means my website will work much better and faster. At least I hope so.


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